We are TeamBPM - a small and niche consulting team excelling in the areas of Business Process Management and Case Management.

BPM or Business Process Management is a way of looking at and then controlling the processes that are present in an organization. It is an effective methodology to use in times of crisis to make certain that the processes are efficient and effective, as this will result in a better and more cost efficient organization.The suites or tools which help in executing these initiatives are generally called the BPM Suites (BPMS) or at times just BPM.

We understand and specialize in implementing the area of BPM as a management practice or are adept in using the BPMS as a technology aid in addressing the specific business challenges.We formed our consulting services only around BPM and the related areas.

Our team comprises veterans from the ERP era to the new-kids-on-the-block tackling cloud and big data problems. We have extensive experience in working on pure play BPMs like Pega , Cordys BOP4(now OpenText), Appian 7.x, Oracle 11g/12c and IBM BPM 8.5. Our team has worked in the core product development area as well as has been part of large scale deployments and implementations of the same. Do partner and collaborate with us and we would be happy to hear and support you in your process improvement and adoption journey.

Business Process Management

BPM is a management practice that views the "process" as the most important organizing theme. It can be used only when processes are repeatable. A practitioner of BPM talks about "optimizing a process". In order to optimize a process, there must be a concrete representation of a given process; it must be useful for many individual instances of the process; you must be able to measure how good this process is in abstract from a given case. BPM is a practice of perfecting that process is for the purpose of supporting of future cases. This only works if you have confidence that future cases will be like the cases of the past that you are measuring the process against. In short, the process must be predictable. BPM is based on mass production principles: the up front investment that you make in perfecting the process, is paid back in a increase in efficiency over many instances of the process.

Case Management

Case Management is a technique that is useful when processes are not repeatable. A case represents a situation without necessarily requiring a process. Case management can be used for one-off situations for which the process can not be predicted in advance. A practitioner of case management needs a different kind of support: instead of tools to aid in the elaborate design and optimization of a process up front, a case manager need a way to communicate goals and intent. There is no point in investing a lot of up front effort in designing an optimized process -- because it is unlikely to fit the situation, and unlikely to pay back the up front investment -- so instead the investment is in information tools and capabilities that can be used directly by the case manager on demand: such as information collecting tools, and communications resources.

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